The story of the name Eiira

It comes from Eir; from ancient Norse mythology, it was the name for the goddess of the healing art. Eiira is a modern goddess to help people to be healthier and live longer.

Our story

We have witnessed people among friends and families pass away prematurely because of inherited diseases. Those death are preventable! Today, there is no easy access for people like you and me to be tested for any inherited risks and be given measures to counter them. In 2020, we, a group of four AI nerds in collaboration with genetic experts from Karolinska, decided to take matters into our own hands and to create access for people to know their genes and provide tools to make the best out of their genes.

Thanks to the support from Vinnova, ALMI and Sting incubator, and the team’s hard work, we have launched the first products for hereditary cancer prevention. This is the first step in our audacious journey to help people live healthier and longer regardless of who and where.


Ying Cheng


Daniel Gillblad


Vladimir Li


Davit Soselia

Our experts in preventive healthcare and genetics


Isis Amer-Wahlin

Chief Medical Officer, Advisor, Medical Doctor, PhD

Isis is a well-respected medical expert in preventive healthcare, with nearly 30 years medical experience, including as a senior advisor to the regional government, senior researcher in Karolinska Institutet, and private medical practices.


Natalia Rivera Sifaki

Advisor in genetics, Assistant professor at Karolinska Institutet

Natalia is an expert and highly accomplished researcher in Genetics/Epigenetics/Genomics and Autoimmune/Cancers/Cardiovascular diseases.

Our core values


In everything we do


We push the boundaries


We respect, we thrive

Our guest speakers

Heredity and cancer

At Eiira launch party, Dr. Svetlana Bajalica Lagercrantz talked about the role of genes in cancer risks.

Panel talk about the future of preventive healthcare

In this talk, our panelists Daniel Gillblad, Isis Amer-Wahlin, and Svetlana Bajalica Lagercrantz discussed how genetics and AI can shape the future of preventive healthcare.

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