How do you use my DNA data and how do you deal with data privacy?

We take data privacy seriously. The following answers your question in more detail:

  • The initial genome data analysis is performed on an AWS platform of a third party. The genome data is only used for your risk analysis
  • Upon the completion of the analysis, the genome data will be deleted from the third-party platform and transferred and stored on a secure server in Sweden, which satisfies the EU law of data privacy protection (GDPR).
  • We will use the data exclusively for your risk analysis and nothing else.
  • We will explicitly ask for your consent if we need your data to perform internal research (e.g. on risk computation or similar).
  • We will not share the data with any third party unless there are legislative reasons for doing so.
  • When you ask for an update, we will upload your data to an AWS server to perform an updated analysis. Then it will be taken off again and stored on the server in Sweden.
  • You are the sole owner of your data and can request to delete your data at any time.
  • For more information on data privacy, please visit the Privacy policy page.

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