What are the steps and how long does it take for me to receive my genetic profile?

There are four to five steps:

Step 1: Order. You begin by ordering your product online on our website.

Step 2: Sample collection and family tree information collection. You can use our online tool to provide your family tree and medical history information. We will ship a saliva sample collection kit to you at your preferred address. Once you have provided the saliva sample, you return it using the envelope we provided.

Step 3: DNA analysis and genetic profile preparation. We (our team of experts and partner test labs) do this step, including our test lab partners.

Step 4: Results delivery. We will notify you via email when the results have been thoroughly reviewed and determined. These four steps take about eight weeks.

Step 5: If any pathogenic variant is found, you have an option to have a one-hour video meeting with one of our genetic counsellors or medical doctors (at an additional cost of 2500 SEK).

The report of your Genetic Profile can be accessed and downloaded via Eiira online portal.