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Lena's experience with Eiira

Lena's experience with Eiira Genetics

At Eiira, our mission is to empower individuals to take control of their health and well-being through personalized genetic testing. We are thrilled to share the story of Lena, one of our satisfied customers who has benefited from our services.

Lena strongly believes in preventive care and proactive measures to maintain good health. When she learned about Eiira's genetic services, she saw it as an opportunity to gain valuable insights into her health risks and make informed decisions about her health.

After taking the Eiira's genetic test, Lena received a detailed report outlining her risk of developing various types of cancer. Armed with this knowledge, she was able to focus on the right health promotion efforts to minimize her risks and maintain her health.

Lena's experience is a testament to the power of personalized genetic testing to promote individual health and well-being. Leveraging the latest advances in genetic science and technology, Eiira provides clients with valuable insights into their health risks and practical recommendations for a healthier and longer life.

We are grateful to Lena and all our customers who have put their trust in us to help them achieve optimal health. We look forward to continuing to serve you and empower you to take control of your health and well-being.

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By using the best that science and technology have to offer, we can help people live healthier lives. We can detect potential risks written in the genes and make a personalised plan to counteract them.

Our products

Eiira Classic Genetic Test Kit for Hereditary Cancer Risk

Eiira Classic

A genetic test for hereditary cancer prevention

  • Simple genetic test done at home
  • Discover hereditary risks for 10 most common cancers
  • Take actions with preventive measures

4990 kr

12 installments for only 460 kr/month (5516 kr total)

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Eiira Premium Genetic Test Kit for hereditary cancer assessment

Eiira Premium

A genetic test for hereditary cancer prevention

All benefits from Eiira Classic plus:

  • Discovery of rare hereditary cancer risks
  • Information covering 100% of your genome
  • Enjoy lifetime updates of what future science can offer for preventive healthcare

9990 kr

12 installments for only 921 kr/month (11043 kr total)

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Set-up fee 0 kr, administrative fee 0 kr/month, fixed annual interest 18.9%, effective interest 20.6%. Totals include estimated amount of credit of 526 kr for Eiira Classic and 1053 kr for Eiira Premium. Applies to 12 months of installments with Klarna. Creditor and payee: Klarna Bank AB (publ) Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm. The amounts shown are an indication. Exact cost varies depending on which day of the month the purchase is made. For complete terms and conditions, read more at klarna.com/se/villkor