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How our genetic profiles for cancer predispositions have helped improve their lives.

  • Empowering Health with Eiira’s Genetic Test

    Empowering Health with Eiira’s Genetic Test

    Violet’s journey with Eiira began with a desire for a deeper understanding of her genetic makeup and how it could impact her overall quality of life. With Eiira, she embarked on a remarkable adventure, uncovering new ways to enhance her health and embrace her future with confidence.

  • Therese's Eiira experience

    Therese's Eiira experience

    Therese Maurin is a strong believer in taking responsibility for her health. When she heard about Eiira's genetic test for hereditary cancer, she knew she had to try it. "I have always been curious to know more about my genetics and how I can live a better life," says Therese.

  • A personal experience with Madelene Kornfehl

    A personal experience with Madelene Kornfehl

    Madelene Kornfehl is a strong advocate of preventive medicine and taking control of her health. So when she heard about Eiira's genetic test for hereditary cancer, she was immediately interested. She decided to give it a try and was overwhelmed by how simple and smooth the process was.

  • Lena's experience with Eiira

    Lena's experience with Eiira

    Lena is a firm believer in preventive care and taking proactive steps to maintain good health. When she learned about Eiira’s genetic testing services, she saw it as an opportunity to gain valuable insights into her health risks and make informed decisions about her health.

  • Peter's story

    Peter's story

    I know that one or two of my relatives had cancers, but I don’t know any details. We’re not that close. However, I wanted to find out my genetic predisposition to cancers as well as other diseases, not only for myself but also for my children.

  • Amelie's story

    Amelie's story

    My mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in her 40s. Another relative on my father's side was also diagnosed with cancer. I was afraid that these diseases could be hereditary. Therefore, I have always been very conscious of my health and lifestyle - I exercised and ate well. As I approached 40, I became worried about...

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