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How it works

We provide services that help individuals discover their hereditary genetic risks and inform individuals of available risk management options. The first available products are for hereditary cancers. The involved genetic tests are germline and are hereditary only. The tests are predictive, not diagnostic.

In addition, we offer services to keep customers updated with discoveries of genes and risk management options.

It includes genetic test results such as the findings of selected genes known to cause an increased risk of having certain diseases in one’s lifetime. It also contains the risk assessment based on genetic test results and, in some cases, family history. Finally, if any significant risks are found for some diseases, the steps of risk management will be given in the Profile.

Your hereditary predisposition empowers you to make informed decisions about your health. For example, suppose a genetic test results negative for a gene mutation; it can provide relief from uncertainty and eliminate the need for unnecessary checkups and screening tests. Conversely, positive results can direct you toward available monitoring, prevention, and treatment options.

Hereditary cancer syndrome is a type of inherited disorder that leads to a higher-than-normal risk of certain types of cancer. Hereditary cancer syndromes (people often use the term ‘hereditary cancer’) are caused by variants (changes) in certain genes passed from parents to children. In hereditary cancer syndromes, certain patterns of cancer may be seen within families. These patterns include having several close family members such as a mother, daughter, and sister with the same type of cancer, developing cancer at an early age, or having two or more types of cancer develop in the same person.

People often use the term ‘hereditary cancer’, but it is inherited gene mutations that lead to cancer and not cancer itself that is inherited. About 10 per cent of cancers are thought to be caused by hereditary variants.

Right now, Eiira’s products cover hereditary cancers. It will benefit people concerned about hereditary cancers, especially if there are multiple cancer cases on the same side of the family. It can also be helpful for individuals who have no knowledge of their biological family and wish to know their genetic predisposition to have control over their long-term health. Finally, for some individuals with multiple cancer diagnoses, finding out whether or not any inherited gene mutations are the causes can help them and their children in the future.

We use three categories of data. The first and most important category is the genetic test results that show the mutation or variants of the genes. Second, the family tree and its relevant medical history. And third, we also use personal information such as ethnicity, medical history, and lifestyle.

No, you don’t need to take another test, and you don’t need to pay full price. Although we currently offer one profile of 10 cancers, we will soon provide profiles for other diseases and health areas. To add any future new profiles, you only need to inform us and pay a nominal price.

There are four to five steps:

Step 1. Order. You begin by ordering your product online on our website.

Step 2. Sample collection and family tree information collection. You can use our online tool to provide your family tree and medical history information. We will ship a saliva sample collection kit to you at your preferred address. Once you have provided the saliva sample, you return it using the envelope we provided.

Step 3. DNA analysis and genetic profile preparation. We (our team of experts and partner test labs) do this step, including our test lab partners.

Step 4. Your report is ready: When your report is finally reviewed by our genetic experts, we will contact you by email. This takes about eight weeks after our laboratory has received the saliva kit.

Step 5. If any pathogenic variant is found, you have an option to have a one-hour video meeting with one of our genetic counsellors or medical doctors (at an additional cost of 2500 SEK).

The report of your Genetic Profile can be accessed and downloaded via Eiira online portal.

The current genetic profile covers ten cancers. You can find the list of cancers on our product page. We will continue to add more cancer types. Later, we’ll also add other diseases and health areas such as lifestyle profiles based on your genetics.

We do not make any referrals at the moment.  

In Sweden, no referrals are needed to proceed further if you have an increased risk. If you are a Swedish resident, we will inform you of details of how to proceed within the public healthcare system if your genetic profile shows that you have an increased risk for specific cancer(s).

No, we do not offer ancestry services.

We understand that hereditary cancer not only affects you but may also affect the loved ones around you.  Suppose you have a significantly increased hereditary risk. In that case, it is important to share this information with family members so that they may take the appropriate steps to ensure their health.  We will gladly extend our services to any family members that may wish to determine their genetic risks.

Once you purchase one of the profiles, we will begin to process your order and ship your kit. We will provide you with a timeline of what stage it is in, the approximate arrival time of your kit, and so on.

Yes, you can. Send a request to our customer service, and we’ll help you. However, please note that we are not responsible for any data privacy protection of the data you have downloaded.

Data integrity

We take data privacy seriously. The following answers your question in more detail:

  • The initial genome data analysis is performed on an AWS platform of a third party. The genome data is only used for your risk analysis
  • Once the analysis is completed, the genomic data will be deleted from the third-party platform and transferred and stored on a secure server in Sweden that complies with EU data protection legislation (GDPR).
  • We will use the data exclusively for your risk analysis and nothing else.
  • We will explicitly ask for your consent if we need your data to perform internal research (e.g. on risk computation or similar).
  • We will not share the data with any third party unless there are legislative reasons for doing so.
  • When you ask for an update, we will upload your data to an AWS server to perform an updated analysis. Then it will be taken off again and stored on the server in Sweden.
  • You are the sole owner of your data and can request to delete your data at any time.
  • For more information on data privacy, please visit the Privacy Policy page.

Yes. According to Swedish and EU law, you are the owner of your data. Note that we will not be responsible for the data privacy and security of the data that you share with others.

No, we will not share data with your employer or insurance company.

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