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Amelie’s story

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About Amelie

  • In her 30s
  • Family history of cancer

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What brought you to Eiira?

My mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in her 40s. Another relative on my father’s side also had a cancer diagnosis. I was afraid that these diseases might be hereditary. So, I have always been very conscious about my health and lifestyle – exercising and following a good diet. As I was approaching 40, I became anxious about my chances of getting cancer as well.

I thought that the best way to deal with this anxiety was to find out what my risks were, based on my genes. First, I turned to the public healthcare system. I submitted a self-referral (“egenremiss”) and waited. Two months later, I still had not received any response. I didn’t know how long I would have to wait or what would happen next. Besides, I may or may not be eligible, and this uncertainty made me more impatient and frustrated.

I then heard about the service offered at Eiira Genetics and immediately decided to try it out. I chose the Eiira Classic profile as my main concern was inherited cancer risks. I really like that they will have a detailed explanation of the risk level and give measures to control risks.

What was your experience with Eiira?

“I was anxious about my risk, but now I can breathe and live again!”

The process itself was very straightforward. I received a test kit, spat into the test tube, and sent it back. I also shared my family tree and medical history as much as possible, which was easy. After about eight weeks, I received my profile report. 

Seeing the report, I was relieved. The genetic test showed that I had not inherited any of the genetic mutations I was worried about. The report clearly explained that I do not have a significantly increased cancer risk. The report also shared some lifestyle recommendations for reducing the risk of cancer, which I could add to my habits.

I also liked that after completing the genetic test and having received the risk profile, I can have updates on new discoveries about cancer. Staying informed gives me peace of mind. I feel I can breathe and live again!

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By using the best what science and technology can offer,
we help people to live healthier lives by discovering potential risks
written in their genes, and providing them with a counter-risk plan.

Eiira Classic

A genetic profile for hereditary cancer prevention

  • Simple genetic test done at home
  • Discover risks for 10 most common cancers
  • Take actions with preventive measures

Your data and privacy are safe with us. We strictly follow the EU’s GDPR and Swedish Patient Integrity laws.

Choose Eiira Classic if:
You are concerned about cancers
You or your family members had cancer diagnosis
You are worried that cancers in the family will affect your children

Photographs of happy people
Photographs of happy people

Eiira Premium

A genetic profile for hereditary cancer prevention

All benefits from Eiira Classic plus:

  • Discovery of rare hereditary cancer risks
  • Information covering 100% of your genome
  • Enjoy lifetime updates of what future science can offer for preventive healthcare

Choose Eiira Premium if:
You are concerned about rare cancer risks
You want to know all about your genetic predispositions
You want to benefit fully from current and future discoveries about your genes

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