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Peter’s story

About Peter

  • In his 50s
  • Unsure about his family history

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What brought you to Eiira?

I know that one or two of my relatives had cancers, but I don’t know any details. We’re not that close. However, I wanted to find out my genetic predisposition to cancers as well as other diseases, not only for myself but also for my children.

A few years ago, I took a genetic test with 23andme. It was perfect for satisfying my curiosity about my ancestry, but not very suitable for understanding my health as their test only covers about 0,1% of my genome. When I heard about the Eiira Premium offering, it sounded like a great opportunity. The genetic test covers 100% of my genome, and the risk mapping of ten cancers is a perfect start for me. I expect to stay updated to take advantage of future development and discoveries in science.

What was your experience with Eiira?

“After the initial shock, I feel I have made the right decision!”

The test itself was easy, as only my saliva was needed. I wasn’t really expecting any bad news when I took the test. But after some time, I received a message about setting up a meeting with a genetic counsellor. I felt a bit apprehensive as I was not expecting that. 

It turned out that I have a so-called pathogenic gene variant, which increases the risk of developing prostate cancer. I was stunned. But it felt good to have the genetic counsellor guiding me through my test results, risk analysis and genetic profile. Thanks to this consultation, I understood what my result meant, what could be done to manage the risks and how to communicate this result to my children. It is encouraging to know that the survival rate is over 90% if one discovers early prostate cancer. At the end of the process, I felt well informed.

Some say it’s better not to know because nothing can be done with this information. But after the initial shock, I feel I’ve made the right decision to find out about my genetic predispositions. Now I know more and have control over the situation. I can go to the public healthcare system and participate in screening programs to detect cancer early if it comes to that. In addition, my children can also make their own informed decisions.

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By using the best what science and technology can offer,
we help people to live healthier lives by discovering potential risks
written in their genes, and providing them with a counter-risk plan.

Eiira Classic

A genetic profile for hereditary cancer prevention

  • Simple genetic test done at home
  • Discover risks for 10 most common cancers
  • Take actions with preventive measures

Your data and privacy are safe with us. We strictly follow the EU’s GDPR and Swedish Patient Integrity laws.

Choose Eiira Classic if:
You are concerned about cancers
You or your family members had cancer diagnosis
You are worried that cancers in the family will affect your children

Photographs of happy people
Photographs of happy people

Eiira Premium

A genetic profile for hereditary cancer prevention

All benefits from Eiira Classic plus:

  • Discovery of rare hereditary cancer risks
  • Information covering 100% of your genome
  • Enjoy lifetime updates of what future science can offer for preventive healthcare

Choose Eiira Premium if:
You are concerned about rare cancer risks
You want to know all about your genetic predispositions
You want to benefit fully from current and future discoveries about your genes

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