Expectations of Genetic Test Results

What to expect from genetic test results
  • What can you expect in Eiira's genetic profile?
  • If a result is positive
  • If a result is negative

What can you expect in Eiira's genetic profile?

Eiira's genetic profile shows if you have a higher risk of hereditary cancer based on genetic testing. We also assess risk based on your genetic variation and any family history. If we find any prominent risk for certain cancers, we will help you with steps to manage those risks.

If a result is positive

What a positive result means for cancer risk

If your result is positive, it means that you have a mutated gene (or genes). This means that your risk is higher for developing certain types of cancer when compared to the general population.

Most importantly, the results of genetic testing do not change the current state of health. It just assesses you might have a risk for hereditary cancer.

Understanding risk: Risk means the chance of getting cancer, not a confirmed diagnosis. High-risk individuals might never get cancer, while low-risk individuals can still develop it.

Empowering preventive measures: The report offers proactive options that are available in Sweden, either to reduce your risk or for early detection. The healthcare system has monitoring programs to discover cancer early.

Guide to accessing healthcare : We guide you on how to get into the Swedish healthcare system to access preventive care or early detection. In addition, we can recommend healthcare providers who work on prevention.

If your genetic test shows a higher risk of cancer, it's crucial to prioritize managing this risk. Depending on the type of cancer you're at risk for, there are ways to lower your risk or detect cancer early:

Lifestyle changes : Making healthy choices and changing behaviors to reduce cancer risk.

Chemoprevention: Take medicines to help lower the risk.

Preventive surgery : Remove a healthy organ to prevent cancer in that area.

Early detection : Use screening tests to find pre-cancer or cancer early

Your healthcare provider may suggest one or more of these approaches.

If a result is negative

A negative result means that none of the analyzed genes had a mutation.

This negative outcome doesn't diminish the significance of the test. On the contrary, it provides information by ruling out the presence of specific mutations, offering clarity and peace of mind regarding certain genetic conditions.

In families without a known gene mutation

If there is no known gene mutation in the family, a negative result can still be helpful. In families without a known gene mutation, the genetic testing process aims to identify potentially causative mutations or variations associated with a specific condition, even if the specific gene(s) are not previously recognized. This information can be crucial in understanding disease risk, making informed healthcare decisions, and potentially guiding family members' healthcare planning.

In families with a known gene mutation

Having a family history of a known gene mutation and testing negative for it can provide comfort. However, it is to be noted that this does not eliminate cancer risk. Instead, it signifies that your risk is similar to the average possibility that most other individuals have.

Based on the results, that specific gene mutations are ruled out, you can move forward knowing that you are not predisposed to those genetic conditions. It can help reduce worry and stress about possible genetic health issues.

In conclusion, a negative genetic test result, indicating the absence of known gene mutations within the family, holds immense significance. It empowers individuals, providing crucial information to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

We know that hereditary cancer impacts you and your loved ones. If you have a high hereditary risk, sharing this with your family is vital so they can protect their health. We're here to help your family members interested in understanding their genetic risks.

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