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Secure genetic testing
  • Eiira Genetics - Who are we?
  • Do we keep the genetic testing results confidential?
  • How does AI help with genetics?
  • How we work?
  • What can you expect?

Eiira Genetics - Who are we?

Eiira Genetics is a Swedish based startup founded in 2020. Our four AI experts, in addition to genetic experts from Karolinska Institute, are the people behind Eiira. Most importantly, Eiira aims to provide genetic testing available to everyone. Our main goal is to help people take control of their health by preventing hereditary diseases, including cancer.

Do we keep the genetic testing results confidential?

Yes !! Genetic testing involves the sharing of sensitive information about a person’s health. First of all, it raises concerns about privacy and security. Eiira Genetics knows how important it is to keep user data safe. We deal with your data securely.

We use industry-standard security practices to store your DNA sample, your test results, and any other personal data you provide. In addition, the company operates on a need-to-know basis. We only disclose this information to people who have access. Eiira Genetics also ensures that the user data is anonymous and does not carry any identifiable information.

How does AI help with genetics?

We at Eiira use next-generation sequencing technology, which analyzes an individual’s DNA and finds any changes, or mutations in genes, that may cause hereditary cancer. AI models have been increasingly used for the interpretation of genetic variants. 

Eiira Genetic AI algorithms use this data to give users a personalized cancer risk assessment and recommendations for preventive measures. Users can access the information through a secure online portal that can be accessed anywhere.

How we work?

  • Firstly, We’ll post a saliva test kit at your doorstep.  
  • Secondly, You collect the saliva and return the kit with the prepaid envelope provided. 
  • In our tool, you give us inputs about your family history if desired.
  • We will map your cancer risks with these inputs and from the sample collected.
  • Lastly, You can download your report. 
  • In case of high-risk you have we have a genetic counselor to guide you further.
  • Finally, You can stay updated with us for future updates. 

What can you expect?

  • Personalized report that tells you about your genetic cancer risk.
  • Mapping your risk for the 10 common cancers.
  • You will get updated information on the latest genetic science discoveries.
  • Possibility to detect rare genetic variants.

In conclusion, Eiira aims to help individuals assess their hereditary cancer risk through genetic testing and cancer risk assessment.

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Our products

Eiira Classic Genetic Test Kit for Hereditary Cancer Risk

Eiira Classic

A genetic test for hereditary cancer prevention

  • Simple genetic test done at home
  • Discover hereditary risks for 10 most common cancers
  • Take actions with preventive measures

4990 kr

12 installments for only 460 kr/month (5516 kr total)

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Eiira Premium Genetic Test Kit for hereditary cancer assessment

Eiira Premium

A genetic test for hereditary cancer prevention

All benefits from Eiira Classic plus:

  • Discovery of rare hereditary cancer risks
  • Information covering 100% of your genome
  • Enjoy lifetime updates of what future science can offer for preventive healthcare

9990 kr

12 installments for only 921 kr/month (11043 kr total)

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Set-up fee 0 kr, administrative fee 0 kr/month, fixed annual interest 18.9%, effective interest 20.6%. Totals include estimated amount of credit of 526 kr for Eiira Classic and 1053 kr for Eiira Premium. Applies to 12 months of installments with Klarna. Creditor and payee: Klarna Bank AB (publ) Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm. The amounts shown are an indication. Exact cost varies depending on which day of the month the purchase is made. For complete terms and conditions, read more at klarna.com/se/villkor