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A straightforward way to discover your genes and ease your concerns about inherited cancer.

This service is for you if you:

  • are concerned about inherited cancers
  • have one or more relatives diagnosed with cancers
  • had cancer diagnosis
  • are worried about cancers in the family will affect your children

The service includes:

  • Simple saliva collection to be done at home
  • Understanding of your inherited cancer risks
  • A living profile for you to counter inherited cancer risks
  • Free updates for two years

Your data and privacy are safe with us. We strictly follow the EU’s GDPR and Swedish Patient Integrity laws.

A fast way to discover your genes and ease your concerns about inherited cancer risks with actionable counter risk measures.
  • One simple test for a profile of risk mapping of ten cancers and counter-risk measures now and receive free updates of possible additional cancer types and new counter-risk measures for two years.
  • One living genetic profile that keeps you informed. We take care of the complexity of navigating constant discoveries and keep your genetic profile up to date so you can have peace of mind.
  • Facts: the test covers 100% DNAs that give instructions to produce proteins in your body. It is called Whole Exome Sequence (WES).

Your data and privacy are safe with us. We strictly follow the EU’s GDPR and Swedish Patient Integrity laws.

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This product can be suitable for you if:
  • you are generally concerned about hereditary cancers
  • you have some relatives who have had cancers, but you are not so worried about rare cancers risks
  • if you have had a cancer diagnosis and are wondering if it is hereditary and if it will affect your children

Coverage of cancers

The genetic cancer predisposition profile currently covers the following ten cancers:


for men and women


for women


for women


for men

Hereditary diffuse gastric cancer

We will continue to expand the profile with additional cancers, new genes, and variants discovered to cause an increased risk of developing cancers (also known as “pathogenic variants”).

Hereditary cancer risk assessment

The profile will include crucial information about your hereditary cancer risk.

The risk assessment is computed using the third-party’s statistic reference data and risk models, both recommended by Swedish national guidelines. In addition, the following personal information is used to analyse your hereditary risk level or predisposition:

  • Your genetic test results. For this profile, 43 genes and their germline pathogenic or likely pathogenic variants are used. The variants are categorised into “pathogenic” or “likely pathogenic” according to the guidelines of the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG), which genetic labs follow worldwide.
  • Your personal and medical information. This includes ethnicity, cancer history, and others.
  • Your family’s medical history. This information plays an essential role in the analysis. For example, in some cases, the family’s medical history indicates a highly increased hereditary risk of cancer, while it cannot find any known pathogenic variants in the person’s genetic test.

Risk levels can be described as “highly increased risk,” “moderately increased risk,” or “no increased risk.” The latter means a risk level similar to that of the general population.

Risk management options

It can be difficult to bear the news of a highly increased hereditary cancer risk. Fortunately, there are often measures to reduce risk and screening programs to detect cancer early, should it come to that. We will include such risk management options in your profile. These recommendations are based on the Swedish national guidelines and are available in Sweden. In addition, you can choose to discuss your options with one of our genetic counsellors or doctors via a video meeting.

Many people do not have increased hereditary risk. In this case, we share risk management options recommended for the general population.

Whole-exome sequence test (WES)

The WES test captures the most crucial information about your genome. More specifically, it covers 100% of protein-coding genes that account for 1-2% of the entire genome and 85% of variants causing increased risk.

One of our partner labs with European accreditation will perform the whole exome sequencing using your saliva sample. The test is of clinical grade, and test quality meets high standards in DNA sequencing.

2-years’ free profile updates

As science progresses, we will continue to expand the genetic cancer predisposition profile with additional cancers, genes, and variants. You will receive free updates to your profile for two years after purchase.

An optional genetic counselling session

We will support you if any pathogenic variants are found in your test or if you will have a highly increased hereditary cancer risk. We will offer you an option to purchase a video meeting with a genetic counsellor at a reduced cost of 990 SEK (regular price: 2500 SEK). The counsellor will guide you through the report and address your concerns in this meeting.

Within the scope of the exome, subscription to lifetime updates with a single WES test

As the inherited genes remain the same throughout a person’s life, once you have taken the test, you can enjoy the lifetime benefits of learning about your genetics, specifically within the limited scope of the exome. This can include new scientific discoveries, adding risk assessments for other diseases, and exploring new health areas such as a personalised lifestyle.

In addition to 2-years’ free profile updates, we will set up a subscription model with flexible intervals so that you can have relevant updates at a time that suits you.

How it works

After ordering, the steps of using your product are: